Friday, February 22, 2013


I will be finally.... I mean FINALLY will be moving out of this traitorous apartment. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I mean, you literally have NO IDEA. My brother and I are going to be renting a house from my Great-Uncle. The house is gorgeous. But, there's always room for improvement right? ;) I will definitely be posting more projects and different ways of decorating without painting, or causing much damage (other than a couple nail holes). I've sort of become a master of this since the apartment complex wouldn't allow painting. Oh, well... they suck anyway;)

Well, I will be packing and moving for a while, so if there is a lack of long recipe posts or even a lack of small updates, that would be the reason why. However, you will see all of the boxes we have.... most of random stuff we no longer need, (eBay or craigslist anyone?) --probably will donate a few things or try to sell them..I need money lol.

Well, I'm beginning to pack now, gotta start packing the nonessential stuff and sorting through stuff that I don't need--like my closet; it's bare now.. completely naked I tell you. 

Good bye for now! :)

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