Saturday, June 29, 2013

Making Changes in Life..

Hi guys! I believe it's been far too long, however, I am not making any promises about being more consistent. We are going to make changes in our life though and I thought I should post about it. Together, we decided that we should start posting our fitness tips, our recipes, our workouts, and other healthy lifestyle tips -- organization methods and many other ideas! To start, we are going to start in our bathroom and work our way around the house from there. We hope to add decorations, life, and coziness into the house as we embark on this journey. I will be getting many of our organizing tips from Pinterest, of course, but also from this woman who I found on Youtube. Her website is here and she has so many amazing ideas. Thank you for being patient and allowing for us to be human and fall behind on some things :)

Just a cute picture from the backyard peach tree <3

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